Daily Do Good: Tween Walks Across America For Diabetes

It’s been a long year for Noah Barnes and his family. The 11-year-old boy started walking in Key West, Florida back in January and he’s walked 4,200 miles with his dad, mom, and younger brother and sister to raise awareness for Type 1 diabetes.

The Barnes family only has a few weeks left on their journey across America, which will end in Blaine, Washington. Noah has diabetes and was inspired to make the trek after watching a documentary about Canadian hero Terry Fox, who wanted to run over 3,000 miles across Canada with a prosthetic leg to raise money and awareness for cancer, but passed away before he had the chance.

When then 10-year-old Noah told his parents he wanted to recreate Fox’s “Marathon of Hope,” they fully supported his idea - they sold their home, quit their jobs, and cashed in their 401k to support their son on his journey. "If he wants to try and do something, I’m going to give him everything to support that,” Noah’s dad, Robert Barnes explains. “What have I done so significant in my life that I can’t put a little bit of time helping him achieving a goal?”

To learn more about or donate to the family’s fundraiser for diabetes, check out their page.

Source: Inside Edition

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