Daily Do Good: Boy Returns Lost Wallet With $1,700 To Mugging Victim

Need a reminder there are still good people in the world? When eight-year-old Frankie Burns found a wallet in New York City with $1,700 inside, he tracked down the owner and returned it.

The fourth-grader from Washingtonville found the wallet while getting ready for a Gaelic football game in the Bronx, and he did the right thing by taking it to his dad. They were able to find the owner using identification inside and he had recently gotten out of the hospital where he was being treated after a mugging, which was when his wallet was stolen.

The unidentified man was delighted to get his wallet and his cash back - he needed that money for rent. Frankie says the grateful man even gave him $100 for his act of kindness and he’s planning to buy a pair of soccer cleats with his reward.

Source: ABC News

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