Daily Do Good: Coworkers Buy Car For Employee Who Rode Bike Every Day

Noah Robinson didn’t have a car, but he had a bicycle and a job he cares about enough to pedal the six and a half miles to work everyday. The 19-year-old made it to Glastender Inc. on time every day, rain or shine. His coworkers saw how dedicated he is and didn’t want him to have to battle the fierce Michigan winter weather on his bicycle, so they pitched in and bought him a car!

Robinson has been on his own for two years because of an unstable home life, but his colleagues and boss at Glastender, a family owned business that makes bar and restaurant equipment, have welcomed him with open arms. Todd Hall, President of Glastender, took him to get his driving test and the company even paid for his car insurance!

“I was out of words, I was crying, I was happy,” Robinson explains. “It makes me feel blessed, like I got good people around me.”

Source: WNEM

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