Daily Do Good: Ohio Boy Scout Honored For Saving Friend’s Life

A Boy Scout from Ohio is being honored with one of their highest awards possible for saving his friend’s life. Brandon Klotter, 14, received the National Medal of Merit for helping his tent-mate, Max Kramer, when a tree fell on their tent while they were asleep camping in Kentucky over the summer.

Scout leaders credit Klotter for showing courage and bravery right after the tree fell, injuring Kramer. Klotter did first aid, then ran barefoot to get help, and the closest adult was down a gravel road about a quarter mile away. Kramer had broken ribs, a lacerated lung and a shattered spleen, but he survived those life-threatening injuries and is back at school and playing football again.

“When I gave him the award, I felt that he really deserved it,” Kramer explains. “I mean, he saved my life.” Klotter says he was scared at first, but knew he had to go get help for Max. And he says the rare honor is humbling.

Source: WLWT

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