Daily Do Good: Little Cards Lead To Lots Of Kindness In Kansas

A kindness movement is gaining momentum in Lawrence, Kansas, and it’s all because of the Good Card. The Kansas University Chabad House, a student led Jewish organization started a “Random Acts of Goodness and Kindness” campaign in the town after a shooting there killed three and injured two the same weekend of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

The idea of the campaign is that “good cards” are passed out to encourage people to do something nice for someone else. The card says you have 10 minutes to do an act of kindness to make someone’s day and once that deed is done, the cardholder is supposed to pass the card on to someone else, starting a kindness chain reaction.

The act of kindness can be simple, something as easy as feeding a parking meter for a stranger. And people seem to like the idea, the Chabad center has already run out of good cards three times!

Source: KMBC

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