Daily Do Good: Cross Country Runner Carries Teammate To Finish Line

The cross country team from Riverton High School in Utah had been training for their state championship all season. But as junior Blake Lewis was 400 meters from the finish line, he felt a sharp pain in his leg. By 300 meters, the pain intensified, and at 200, he heard his bone snap.

The sound was so loud, his mom heard it from where she was cheering and thought her son stepped on a branch. But it was actually his tibia breaking - doctors say he had a cyst in his leg that burst. Just when Lewis’ mom was running to help him, his teammate Sean Rausch got there first.

The senior put Lewis on his shoulders, and he was screaming in agony, but Rausch carried him to the finish line. They were both disqualified because rules state they can’t touch another player, but Rausch was willing to make that sacrifice for his teammate. Lewis says Rausch is a hero to him, but he says “I’m not a hero, I’m just Blake’s brother.”

Source: Fox 13

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