Farmer Gets Help From Dozens Of His Neighbors

Farmer Andy Pecharich is getting by with a little help from his friends. For the last two months, he’s been recovering from a double lung transplant, so he hasn’t been able to spend the time it takes to care for the farm and harvest his crops, so his neighbors and fellow farmers in Avon, Illinois came to lend a hand and get the work done.

There were 80 farmers, 20 semis, and 15 combines that showed up to work Pecharich’s farm and harvest 500 acres of crops. The harvesting they did would normally take the farmer two weeks or more to finish, but this hard working crew did it in just one day.

The farmers who came to help harvest say Pecharich is a great guy who would do the same thing for them if one of them had a problem. And while he’s eager to get back to farming, Pecharich is grateful for all the help he’s received. “It’s almost been to the point of overwhelming, the response we’ve gotten,” he says, “Certainly quite humbling.”

Source: WQAD

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