Daily Do Good: Hospital Helps Patient With Bucket List Wish

Brenda Griffith is getting her chance to check a lifelong wish off her bucket list. She’s had rectal cancer for six years and now it’s metastasized, so caregivers at Hendricks Regional Hospital in Indiana are helping her get a sunset ride in a hot air balloon.

“I’m scared of heights, but I’m going to do it,” Griffith says. Thanks to her cancer navigator, Eva Burgan, who asked her if there was something she always wished she could do, her dream is becoming a reality. Burgan and a colleague worked with a generous donor to make it all happen for Griffith.

“Brenda is a beloved patient at Hendricks Regional Health,” the hospital posted on its Facebook page. Along her cancer journey, she’s formed many wonderful relationships with our team.”

Source: Life Matters

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