DDG: Texas Inmates Pool Commissary Money, Donate $53K To Hurricane Relief

You might not expect convicted criminals who are serving their time in prison to be a charitable group, but after Hurricane Harvey devastated Texas, some inmates there want to help those impacted. Close to 6,600 Texas prisoners have donated over $53,000 of their commissary funds to the American Red Cross.

“They were requesting to donate money,” says Texas Department of Criminal Justice spokesman Jason Clark. “It’s just something they chose to do.”

The inmates chose to give money from their small allowances - $95 every two weeks - which they use to buy paper, pencils, and personal hygiene products. On average, they each donated $8, but some were able to give hundreds of dollars. It goes to show you how good it feels to do good for someone else, even when you’re dealing with tough times yourself.

Source: Fox News

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