Meet Milli! This Therapy Dog Helps Kids At School

Students at Procter Elementary School in Independence, Missouri have a special fix for when they’re having a bad day or they’re upset: Milli, the school’s specially-trained therapy dog. She’s a yellow lab who greets the kids, patrols the hallways, and helps them calm down.

"She goes and senses the kids out who are struggling," says Amy Hawley, the Principal of Proctor Elementary, who is also Milli's handler. "The morale that she brings about the building is just amazing."

If Milli isn’t around when students are having a hard time, they can ask their teacher to go pet the dog. Hawley says the kids open up to Milli, talking to her as if their principal isn’t in the same room. She keeps the students happy and calm so they’re ready to learn and that’s what it’s all about.

Source: KSHB

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