Daily Do Good: Supermarket Stays Open All Night For Wildfire Evacuees

When the Corona, California police started knocking on doors to warn residents they needed to evacuate because a wildfire was getting too close, folks didn’t have much time to prepare, pack, and plan before escaping their homes. So a lot of them didn’t know where to go or what to do that night.

A bunch of them ended up in the parking lot of their local Ralph’s grocery store, unsure of their next move. And that ended up being a good thing because the supermarket stayed open all night for them, so they had access to restrooms, water, and a place to charge their phones.

Store employees told the evacuees to take anything they wanted - free of charge - all they wanted was the barcodes to keep track of inventory. “It really is our pleasure and privilege to be able to do this for the community and the firefighters and the police,” assistant manager Michael Soriasays.

Source: The Orange County Register

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