Parents Are DIY-ing Sex Ed With Puberty Parties

For many of us, one of the most mortifying experiences of being a tween was the sex-ed class we blushed our way through every time the word “sex” was mentioned. So to keep their own offspring from suffering the same embarrassment, some parents are throwing their daughters and their friends "puberty parties" at home.

The idea for the parties came from Dr. Fatu Forna, an OB/GYN who splits her time between Sierra Leone and Atlanta. She’s a mom of four and she created this concept when trying to find a way to educate young girls about the changes they’ll experience during puberty. And she wanted to do it in a way that skips the shame and celebrates the changes.

Dr. Forna has shared photos on Facebook of the puberty party she hosted for her own 10- and 12-year-old daughters. Some argue that 10 is too young to be teaching kids about sex, but others say giving girls the information early helps them understand what to expect and gives it time to sink in.

And these parties really are true parties. Dr. Forna suggests serving puberty party cake and having goodie bags for guests that include period products, chocolate, and a book on reproductive health. These topics can be tough to talk about, so maybe a party is the way to make discussing them easier. And there’s cake, so we’re all for that.

Source: The Stir

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