These New Workout Pants Can “Eat” Away The Inches

A lot of people will do anything to be able to lose a few inches without putting in much effort and now a new pair of leggings may be the answer to their prayers.

A company called Lanaform Natural Healthcare just introduced Mass & Slim Leggings, an exercise pant they claim can shape the body because it “eats your skin.” The stretchy pants are lined with beads made from the crystalline mineral Tourmaline, that can “give rise to a slight, localized increase in skin temperature which can help the body irrigate fat cells more effectively and thus combat cellulite." 

“The Tourmaline dots effectively eat your skin helping you to lose weight quickly,” a spokesperson told the “Daily Mail,” with the company saying users can lose about an inch from their legs, stomachs and even thighs in just two months, The pants don’t come cheap though, selling at $46, but with those results it may well be worth it. 

Source: The Daily Mail

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