Mom Furious After She Says Son Was Shamed Over Chocolate Milk

The days of just throwing together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and sending your kids to school are long over. Parents now have to concern themselves about whether the lunch they’ve packed is healthy enough to meet school standards, and one mom in Australia isn’t too happy that her son was called out over his drink of choice.

Furious mommy blogger Constance Hall said on her radio show "The Queen Sesh" that her son’s school banned him from drinking chocolate milk as a snack during morning break. Apparently the school felt it wasn’t “healthy enough for recess,” although it was perfectly fine for him to drink during lunchtime.

Hall isn't just mad at the school’s ridiculous rules over the morning snack, she is also angered by the way her son was shamed over the drink, and that she was forced to deal with an “awkward” lecture, where teachers advised her about proper nutrition and called her chocolate milk the “worst breakfast ever.”

“There are other mothers who can’t even afford to do lunch orders and then for them to get shamed about what they’re giving their kid for recess, I just don’t like it,” she said, adding, “Power to the people! Let them drink milk!”

Source: The Mirror

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