Daily Do Good: Deployed Dad Reads To Son Using Special App

Thanks to a special app called Little Trooper Treasures, members of the British Armed Forces can stay connected to their kids while they’re deployed. The app lets military parents record their faces and voices while reading a story. And then the child can listen to their parent read a story, even from hundreds of miles away.

Curtis Aikin, a father deployed with the British Royal Navy uses Little Trooper Treasures to read to his five-year-old son, Zach, while he’s far from home. The app is currently only available to military families and it gives them the chance to stay close to their little ones while they’re away.

“It's great to keep that connection rather than go for all that time without seeing me or even hearing my voice if it's a time we have to go without phone calls," Aiken explains. "It keeps us closer together and we feel less distant. When I'm away he can connect with me anytime and get a bit of comfort with my voice in his head."

Source: Inside Edition


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