Professor Proposes 'Stress Reduction Policy' For Students

There’s no doubt college is stressful, especially when it comes grade time, but one professor believed he found a way to relieve some of that stress for his students, and if you ask us, it’s a bit ridiculous.

Dr. Richard Watson, a professor at the University of Georgia, had instituted a “stress reduction policy,” for two of his fall business courses. The policy basically allowed students to choose their own grade, and opt out of group participation.

The policy read that if a student is “unduly stressed by a grade for any assessable material or the overall course,” they could “email the instructor indicating what grade [they] think is appropriate, and it will be so changed” with “no explanation.” It also noted that if a student in a group meeting was “stressed by your group dynamics” they could leave without explanation and “discontinue all further group work,” with their grade being based on the “non-group work.”

If that didn’t seem crazy enough, the professor also planned to reduce stress by making all tests “open book and open notes,” and for presentations he would only allow “positive comments” to be made in class, with all other constructive criticism coming by email.




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