Daily Do Good: Domino’s Employee Delivers On Foot When Car Breaks Down

Ashley Schafer of Flint, Michigan was starting to get worried when the pizzas she ordered an hour before still hadn’t been delivered. When she finally got her Domino’s pies, they were delivered by Benjamin Houston, who walked them to her door after his car broke down en route.

Houston is deaf and didn’t have his phone with him that night, so he had been knocking on doors to try to get a message to his manager at Domino’s to explain that his car had broken down, but people were reluctant to open the door to listen to him. When he finally got the pizzas to Schafer, she was understanding but she had no idea he had delivered them on foot until she looked out the window and saw him walking down the street.

Schafer was so appreciative of Houston’s work ethic, she called to tell his manager and even started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money “to keep him on the road” or for “new shoes when he goes above and beyond.”

Source: Today


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