Daily Do Good: U.K. Will Hold Nationwide Quiet Hour For Autistic Shoppers

On October 2, stores and shopping centers in the U.K. will be having a “quiet hour” to give customers with autism a break. All stores in the Intu shopping centers, Toys R Us outlets, and other retailers are going to turn down their music, dim the lights, and reduce the commotion to raise awareness of the overload people with autism experience.

The quiet hour is part of a National Autistic Society campaign and it’ll make shoppinga  more enjoyable experience for autistic people. Because stores can be so overwhelming with the sounds, sights, and the hustle and bustle, many people with autism avoid shopping altogether. But the quiet hour hopes to encourage them to come out in the more comfortable environment.

“We want to put a smile on the face of everyone who visits an Intu centre,” explains Corporate Responsibility Director Alexander Nicoll. “This means training our staff, supporting our customers and working with brands in our centers as well as organizations like the National Autistic Society to provide a welcoming and accessible experience for all.”

Source: Good News Network


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