100-Year-Old Woman Gives Her Secret To A Long Life

When we hear about a special senior citizen who has lived long enough to reach their 100th birthday, we always want to know what their secret is. And Florence Bearse was lucky enough to celebrate her 100 years in Bangor, Maine, recently, and she was happy to share her secret: wine!

This feisty resident of the Westgate Center for Rehabilitation is known for her no-nonsense attitude and sense of humor, so she gave it to them straight at her birthday party when asked about how she made it to the century mark. “I like my wine,” Bearse says. “Don’t take it away from me.”

And we applaud her honesty. I mean this lady has lived 100 years, she’s figured out a lot. And if wine is the secret to enjoying such a long life, we’ll happily follow her lead.

Bearse did offer a bit more advice for making it as far in life as she has. She says, “Don’t take any bologna.” Words of wisdom! Thanks, Florence.

Source: Cosmopolitan

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