Daily Do Good: Man Asks One Sister To Marry Him, The Other To Be His BFF

Ashley Schaus and her sister Hannah, who has Down Syndrome and diabetes, are incredibly close and always together. So when Ashley’s long-term boyfriend, Will Seaton, wanted to propose, he knew he wanted to include Hannah as well.

The three had become best friends as Seaton and Ashley dated and their special bond led him to ask Hannah to be “best friends forever” before he popped the big question to her sister. He even gave Hannah an heirloom - her grandmother’s ring - when he asked her to be BFFs.

Seaton says his relationship with his fiance’s sister is a “true blessing.” “Hannah reminds me that there’s a lot in life to be thankful for and that we shouldn’t take life for granted.”

And Hannah is pretty fond of the guy marrying her sister, too. She says he’s “amazing” and that being included in the couple’s special moment made her “very happy.”

Source: ABC News

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