98-Year-Old's Bucket List Will Make You Blush

Betty Wright is what we should all hope to be like when we get older. The 98-year-old British woman was asked by her nursing home staff what was left on her bucket list. It turns out, Betty wanted to go see a male stripper.

Betty's caregiver and daughter brought her to a performance by The Dreamboys, a famous male stripper group in the UK. At one point, the exotic dancers even brought Betty's daughter Tanya up on stage and according to Betty, it was the highlight of the night.

"She was determined to call me afterwards to tell me how fantastic it was," Ryan Moring, the head of Betty's nursing home, remembers. "There was complete nudity but she loved it, she is a one-of-a-kind lady." Go nana, GEAUX!

Source: Metro 

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