Daily Do Good: Koko The Gorilla Fosters Three Kittens

And in the cute news of the day … Koko the gorilla has recently become a foster mom to three kittens. She’s fostered kittens before, so a local shelter in California is letting her help with this trio of baby cats at The Gorilla Foundation and they’re all having a great time. 

“Interacting with Koko definitely helps socialize them and make them less scared," said Julie St. Gregory of San Jose Animal Care Centerin California. "When you have this giant gorilla holding onto you, you're not afraid anymore of most things." 

Koko, who’s known for her sign language skills, has experience as a foster mom. She’s never had babies of her own, but she got a box of kittens for her 44th birthday and was able to keep two of them. And before that, she cared for two cats for almost 10 years until they passed away. So she’s using her maternal instincts and helping these three fur balls, too. 

Source: Inside Edition 

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