Daily Do Good: Amazing Dog Saves Blind Owner’s Life

Because she’s legally blind, Rachel Slater has a seeing-eye-dog, Parfait. And when her devoted dog pawed at her shoulder one night, waking her up at 11:30, she assumed Parfait needed to go, so she let her outside. But when the dog woke her again at three in the morning, Slater sensed something was really wrong.

That’s when the 66-year-old felt her heart beating faster than normal, followed by nausea. The nurses at her senior home advised her to call 911, and it turns out her four-year-old golden retriever saved her life. Parfait picked up on Slater’s congestive heart failure before she or her doctors had, even though she wasn’t trained to detect heart abnormalities.

So not only is Parfait Slater’s eyes, she keeps her safe in ways she’s not even trained to do! “When I put that harness on, she becomes a different dog, she’s keeping her momma safe,” she explains. “I call her my miracle dog.”

Source: Kenosha News

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