Daily Do Good: Teen With Brain Cancer Gets Personalized Board Game

Kyle O’Grady’s favorite board game is Monopoly. And thanks to a special gift from Hasbro, the company who makes the game, he now has a special, personalized version of it - called Kylopoly.

The Danvers, Massachusetts teen has brain cancer and reached out to Hasbro about his love of Monopoly. So they created a game based on his life. “All of these spaces are something special about me,” Kyle says. And they’re even making game pieces with his face on superheroes’ bodies!

Kyle has decided to stop chemo, but now the focus can be on having fun crushing his family with his new and improved favorite board game. “It’s just an absolutely amazing thing that we’ll cherish forever,” Kyle’s mom Abbie says. “And it tells Kyle’s story.”

Source: CBS Boston

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