Daily Do Good: Teen Wins Scholarship, Gives It To Cancer Survivor

High School junior Chase Bradley was inspired to raise money for cancer research because his sister, Hunter, beat it five years ago. But the 17-year-old didn’t just raise $57,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in seven weeks, he gave away scholarship money he won to help another student who’s also a cancer survivor.

The teen from Austin, Texas wrote letters, made phone calls, sent emails, posted on social media and turned to friends and family to raise that money and for all his efforts, he won a $2,500 scholarship. But he says he couldn’t keep it because he knows cancer affects the whole family. “The last thing they want to worry about in fighting cancer is having enough money to go to college,” Chase explains.

So the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society helped him find a local student who had battled cancer and could use a hand paying for college. Sergio Garcia was the lucky winner and he’s going to use that money to pay for his tuition, thanks to a generous teen he didn’t even know before.

Source: ABC News

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