Daily Do Good: Couple Cycles Cross-Country Cleaning Up Trash

Seth Orme is on a mission to leave the planet in better condition than he finds it. That’s why he started the “Packing It Out” initiative, which works to “rehabilitate up trails and wild spaces all over North America.”

Last year, Packing It Out cleaned the length of the 2,650-mile Pacific Crest Trail. And this year, Orme is bicycling across the country with Abigail Taylor, collecting trash as they pedal coast to coast.

They just started on their journey at Cumberland Island National Seashore and they’ve ridden 475 miles so far and have collected 171 pounds of trash, which they haul on a bike trailer. And if all goes well, they’ll end up in Seattle in September. Good luck, guys!

Source: Gear Junkie

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