Daily Do Good: Crowd Hangs On To Suicidal Man For Hours Until Help Arrives

As people were walking home on a bridge in Golders Green, North London, they spotted a man on the wrong side of the railing threatening to jump. And as these strangers realized what was happening, some grabbed the man to secure him and keep him safe.

It seems that no one knew each other before this event, but the crowd worked together to hold the man up. It was an “impromptu demonstration of human compassion,” one man grabbed the stranger’s belt, another held his arms around the man’s neck, and someone else grabbed his legs.

It took two hours before emergency services could rescue him and these good samaritans held this man the whole time, ensuring he didn’t jump. Finally, firefighters used a hydraulic lift to lower him down and then he was taken to the hospital for evaluation. So the kindness of strangers saved his life!

Source: The Mirror

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