Daily Do Good: Students Buy Glasses For Color Blind Teacher

Students at Methacton High School in Eagleville, Pennsylvania have given an incredible gift to one of their teachers: the ability to see colors. History teacher Matt Alzamora is color blind and his students raised money to buy special glasses that let him see colors.

The teens researched and found a company that makes the glasses for color blind people and students started donating what they could to the cause. They raised $528, which was enough to buy them. And this week, for Teacher Appreciation Week, they gave Alzamora the glasses.

The timing is perfect because he’s taking a group of students to France this summer. “And so I'll be able to see the Louvre in color,” Alzamora explains. “So it will be neat to see the Mona Lisa in color, to be able to see all the different pieces of art in color. It's a credit to the community that they would do something for me of all people."

Source: ABC 6

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