Daily Do Good: Hospital Staff Saves Trucker’s Life, Cares For His Dog And Helps Him Recover

When truck driver Jose Carbajal couldn’t take the pain anymore, he pulled over and finally went to the nearest hospital, Piedmont Henry Hospital in Stockbridge, Georgia. They discovered that his stomach pain was from his appendix that was about to rupture and required surgery. But the Texas trucker was worried about his dog, Mr. Midnight, who was waiting in the truck, and being so far from home, he had no one to watch him.

But Carbajal didn’t have to worry for long. Nurse Wendy Johnson assured him that they had someone coming to get Mr. Midnight and everything would be fine. Technician Deanna Mahaley took the pit bull home with her family and cared for the pup during his week-long hospital stay. And nurse April Dean’s husband brought Carbajal pajamas and other clothes so he could be comfy during his stay.

The staff was so accommodating during Carbajal’s week at the hospital, but it didn’t stop there. He planned to rest in his sleeper cab until he felt well enough to drive the 1,000 miles back home, but Nurse Johnson took him home and let him recuperate there before getting back on the road to see his wife and five kids in Texas.

“I’ve lived a rough life and I’ve never had so many people be so nice to me and welcome me with open arms the way they did,” the driver says. “It just touched my heart so much that people were going out of their way to help.”

Source: WSB-TV

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