Frozen Food Recalled Due To "Extraneous Golf Ball Material"

Frozen hash browns are being recalled because packages may contain parts of golf balls. Two-pound bags of McCain Foods' Roundy's and Harris Teeter brands hash browns are the ones being recalled because they could be contaminated with "extraneous golf ball materials." The taters were manufactured on January 19, 2017 and the production code on the back of the bag is: B170119

The recall notice warns that such material could pose a choking hazard or could cause other injuries. The hash browns were sold in were sold in nine states and Washington, DC. Those states were Illinois, Wisconsin, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Delaware, Florida, Georgia and Maryland.

How could this have happened? McCain Foods USA's says the golf balls apparently were "inadvertently harvested" along with the potatoes and chopped up.

Source: FDA

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