Daily Do Good: Teen Fighting Cancer Gets Special Prom At The Hospital

When MeKayla Gist couldn’t make it to her prom because of cancer treatments she’s receiving, her classmates at Chapman High School in Inman, South Carolina, brought the prom to her. The 17-year-old is stuck at the hospital while she gets ongoing treatment for her osteosarcoma [[os-tee-oh-sahr-koh-muh]], which she was first diagnosed with when she was 15 and has already required her leg to be amputated.

So this teen has been through a lot in her life, but she’s known for her positive personality and has even earned the nickname “Queen Warrior” because she deals with what life brings her with a smile on her face.

And because her fellow students have been inspired by her determination, they didn’t want her to miss the prom. So they came to the hospital and surprised her in the lobby. MeKayla was even crowned Prom Queen that night.

"She's one of the strongest people you'll ever meet," says a friend of MeKayla’s. "We knew if anyone deserved the crown, it was definitely her."

Source: FoxCarolina

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