Daily Do Good: Texas Man Buys Ice Cream For 300 Strangers

Customers lucky enough to be at Sweet Sammies in Fort Worth, Texas on a recent Saturday night were really in for a treat. Not only did they get to enjoy a scoop of their favorite ice cream, a kind stranger bought it for them.

Kory Close, owner of the ice cream shop says a man known only as Mr. Gary came in about 7:30 and said he’d buy everyone’s ice cream until closing, which was at 10. He originally planned to only spend $300, Close says, but time went by and the generous man kept talking to customers and by the end of the night, he had a 7-foot long bill for $1,000!

So what inspired this guy to buy tasty treats for hundreds of total strangers? Close says Mr. Gary came in earlier that day asking them to validate his parking ticket. Since they did it and saved him $20, they figure he was paying it forward. He even tipped all three employees working that night $100! Pretty sweet!

Source: Inside Edition

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