Daily Do Good: Woman Saves Man’s Life On Their First Date

Everything was going well for Janie Hall and her date as they had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory in Kansas City, Missouri. She says they had a great meal and in-depth conversations, but then things took a scary turn. The man she had met online and was in the middle of her first date with stood up, coughed three times and then fell to the floor.

Thankfully, Hall had worked as a respiratory therapist in the emergency room and intensive care unit for 10 years, so she knew exactly what to do. Becca Bartholomew, a server at the restaurant, ran over to help Hall roll the man over, and after finding no pulse, the two women took turns doing CPR until paramedics arrived. And by then he had a faint pulse.

Hall has visited her date in the hospital, where he’s recovering. She says they talked for hours and adds, “I’m so glad he’s alive.” He even asked her out on a second date and she said yes. Let’s just hope this one isn’t quite so memorable.

Source: Inside Edition

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