Daily Do Good: Blind Eight-Year-Old Hunts ‘Beeping Eggs’ For Easter

Thanks to some cool technology, a visually impaired boy was able to find Easter eggs at an egg hunt this year. Saint Mariam Parish in Flourtown, Pennsylvania, got 50 beeping Easter eggs for their annual egg hunt so all kids could participate this year.

Saint Mariam’s got help from an unexpected place for event: the Montgomery County Bomb Squad. They were part of a program from the International Associations of Bomb Technicians and Investigators that provides local bomb squads with electronic training and materials to create the beeping Easter eggs.

“I was listening to where they were and with daddy’s help I was really zoning in on them,” says eight-year-old Andrew Godwin. His dad, Andrew, agrees they had a blast, adding, “Being able to do the egg hunt independently as blind individuals was liberating.”

Source: CBS Philadelphia

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