Daily Do Good: PA Teens Help Save Missing Federal Judge

Joe Delvecchio, 18, and Alec Yanisko, 15, were out riding ATVs in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania when they saw an SUV near the trails and knew something wasn’t right. The vehicle was stuck on a log in the woods, with two smashed windows, about a quarter mile from the nearest road.

After finding a Sam’s Club card in the SUV, the teens did an Internet search for the owner’s name, and it belonged to 92-year-old former Federal Judge Edwin Kosik, who had been missing for two days. The guys told their parents, and called authorities, and then helped them locate the area they were in, ultimately locating Kosik. The judge was rescued and is recovering in fair condition in the hospital.

"We're very thankful to these two young men that they saw this vehicle, happened to be in this area, fortunately," says U.S. Marshal Martin Pane. And the teens say they’re just glad Kosik is okay and that they could help out.

Source: WNEP

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