Daily Do Good: Teens Lift Car Off Of Woman

A group of high school students are being called heroes after rescuing a woman who was stuck under a pickup truck. The accident happened when the truck drove over Susan Gentry in a crosswalk in Orlando, Florida. She was able to push her young daughter out of the way to safety first, but was pinned underneath.

Her husband Mark was there, but couldn’t lift the truck and that’s when these four teen wrestlers from Bishop Moore High School stepped in to help. The kids lifted the pickup long enough to pull Gentry out, saving her. This was definitely a case of being in the right place at the right time.

Gentry is recovering from surgery and is out of the trauma unit, she has a fractured pelvis and bruised ribs, but no internal injuries. Her husband says she doesn’t remember the accident, but assures that “she knows they saved her life.”

Source: WPTV

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