Daily Do Good: Police Dog Finds Missing Autistic Child In 20 Minutes

Thanks to Freya the Bavarian mountain hound, a 14-year-old child with autism is safe and back home with family. Freya works with the St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana and her specialty is finding lost kids.

After Sheriff’s deputies couldn’t find the child, Freya and her handler, Deputy Ron Oliver, were called in. Within 20 minutes of her taking the scent of the missing child’s clothing, she found the child curled up in a wooded area. Thankfully, the teen was only scared and was in good health, and the whole search only lasted around three hours.

"This potential tragic story finished with a happy ending," Sheriff Randy Smith says. "Our canines are amazing animals who are invaluable to our deputies and citizens."

Source: NOLA

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