Daily Do Good: Teacher Dresses Up For Kids Every Single Morning

Texas elementary school teacher Cindy Matthews believes it’s important to start the day off right, so she dresses up each morning in a silly costume to greet her students with a smile. She spends about an hour every morning outside Branson Elementary School, where she’s a teacher’s assistant for special needs students, wearing a goofy outfit while singing and dancing.

It’s a whole lot more exciting than a boring old “hello” as the kids come in for class. And it all started two years ago on a rainy day. “I put some floaties on, an inner tube and some rain boots, just went outside and the kids just thought I was crazy,” Matthews jokes. “It was fun, it made the morning go faster, and I didn’t have to just stand there and wave, ‘Good morning, how are you?’”

And since then, she’s been wearing different costumes, inspired by holidays and school events. Matthews says she can see the difference her positive attitude makes with the kids. “You could either go in the school and be all humdrum, with no pep, or you can just be happy, and the kids read your body movement,” she says. “These children know — if you’re happy, then they’re going to have a great outlook on everything. I get them excited.”

Source: Inside Edition

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