Daily Do Good: Special Education Students Send Care Packages To Soldiers Overseas

Some special education students in Pecos, Texas, are learning to cook, work together and the importance of giving back. Special ED teacher Lori Evans and her students create “The Life Skills Kitchen” in their classroom, selling tickets to a full meal they’ve prepared. And they’re using their profits to send care packages to soldiers overseas,

“I wanted to have some kind of work ethics for my students to learn, so that they’re not necessarily just learning the basic hand written stuff all the time,” explains Evans, “so that they can learn to be better people in society.”

Now the students have a wall to honor and follow each soldier they send a care package to. And the students are really enjoying the work they’re doing in school. “Made me feel honored,” says student Michael Ornelas, “made me feel privileged knowing that we’re going to help somebody last through the war.” And we’re guessing the soldiers feel privileged when they get these packages, too.

Source: CBS 7

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