Daily Do Good: Teacher Escorts Student Who Lost DadTo Father-Daughter Dance

Daddy/daughter dances are special events that parent and child look forward to and remember forever. But nine-year-old Kaylee Nance lost her father almost a year ago, so she wasn’t really looking forward to the event at Trautwein Elementary School in Mehlville, Missouri. 

A friend and her dad asked Kaylee to come with them, but then she got an offer from her own date/chaperone - one of her favorite teachers, Tim Bianco. “I just thought that if she would like to go with somebody or have her own chaperone,” he says, “I’d love to go with her.” 

And the third-grader happily accepted her teacher’s invitation, even coordinating their outfits - she wore a red dress and he had a red tie. The pair busted some moves on the dance floor and had a wonderful time. As for his motivation for asking his student to the dance, Bianco says, “I just want her to feel loved and cared about.” 

Source: KSDK

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