Daily Do Good: Students Raise Money For Stray Dog Hit By Car

Thanks to a group of big hearted students at Shawnee Heights Elementary School in Topeka, Kansas, Ryker the dog is going to be alright. The homeless Australian shepherd was brought in to the Helping Hands Humane Society with a broken leg from being hit by a car. And Trisha Sharp’s second grade class collected $450 in just one day for the pup’s vet bills. 

The class had been reading “Sheepdog in the Snow,” a kid’s book about the rescue of a wounded sheepdog, when they heard about Ryker’s situation. The pooch needed to have surgery to amputate his leg because of the displacement of the bone and that was going to be expensive. But according to a Humane Society Facebook post, the $450 these students raised, combined with other donations, brought the total to $1,500 - more than enough to cover Ryker’s vet bills. 

And of course, their teacher is really proud of her students’ generosity. “Tears and goosebumps, a lot of goosebumps,” says Sharp. “These kids are amazing, a lot of them emptied out their piggy banks at home and just brought us all this money so it’s amazing.” 

Source: KSNT 

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