Mohnton Community Yard Sale

Mohnton Community

Feature Mohnton Homes to Shop include:

A. 1 Ridge Court - Plus the Gourmand Cafe Food Truck on site!

B. 22 Ridge Court

C. 11 Northridge Dr. West - Plus the famous Pure Wild Tea is coming with awesome treats! Tea, Mugs, tumblers, tea sets and loose leaf tea.

D. 37 Kenny Dr

E. 13 Katie Lane Plus Hot Dogs for Sale!

F. 13 Buck Run

G. 24 Kenny Dr.

H. 18 Kenny Dr

I. 317 W Summit St. Mohnton - Plus Girl Scout Cookies for Sale!

J. 204 Slichter Drive

K. 591 Wolfe Lane

L. 603 Wolfe Lane

M. 608 Wolfe Lane - Plus a Lemonade Stand!! Stop by to support the Kiddos!

N. 8 Young Ct

O. 7 Northridge Drive West

Visit our website to see what categories each house is featuring at their Yard Sale!