The Cheltenham Printmakers Guild Exhibit at Yocum Institute for the Arts

Yocum Institute for Arts Education

Cheltenham Print Makers Guild

July 5 - August 17 - Free

The Cheltenham Printmakers Guild, founded in 1969, is composed of a group of professional artists from the Delaware Valley who are skilled in a wide range of printmaking media. The Guild is affiliated with the Cheltenham Center for the Arts in Cheltenham PA, a suburb of Philadelphia. The Center has a well equipped printmaking studio, classrooms, and outstanding gallery space for exhibitions. Based on the philosophy that artists need not work in isolation, the Printmakers Guild provides an environment for exchanging ideas on printmaking processes and techniques, the aesthetics of art and the creative process. Printmaking, the transfer of an image from a primary source to another, has a unique quality. Different processes can be used alone or together and new techniques, which may use modern technology, are invented constantly. Through the collective exchange of ideas and knowledge, the Guild strives toward enhanced creativity and a future vision. As an organization, the Printmakers Guild reaches out to other artists in the community through its exhibitions, demonstrations and lectures.