I'm not a real fan of orbs in photos - especially when used as paranormal evidence.  Dust, bugs, reflections, etc. can all create an orb in a photo.  But I do like to have an open mind, especially when the images are taken back to back.  That is what happened to me on Saturday night!

We finished a home investigation and Mike from Ghost Hunters, Inc. told me of many cemeteries in Schuylkill County, some so old that you could no longer read the headstones.  He mentioned that one of those was very close to where we were and he was always amazed at the images people take at night.  Of course I had to go!  How could I pass this up when I was so close?  Keep in mind this cemetery is along the side of a public road.  

For safety reasons and out of respect you should never walk in a cemetery after sunset.

Now here are the photos.  I took these with the Nokia 1020 Windows Phone back to back.  I took these two images standing on the side of the road and as soon as I got out of my car.  Notice the orbs moving in a circular motion in the first image and gone in the second.