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TSO Fan Photos!

Oh Whoopi!

Mariah destroys her own song LIVE on TV

Snicker apple salad

Buffalo could see up to 6 FEET of snow!

Text Me Merry Christmas

Lynyrd Skynyrd Receiving Concert Salute

Bret Michaels

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Scott's Likes

Hi! I'm Scott and I get to play rock and roll and try to wake you up every morning. Radio is something I wanted to do since I was 7 and at 14 I had my FCC license in hand ready to "play the hits". My radio path took me all over until August 10, 1992 when I cracked the mic for the first time at Y-102 and introduced Michael Jackson. Yes, we played him back then.When not on the air I am a system engineer, play with the latest tech and try hard to find the perfect way to bbq and smoke pork. I'm always up to hear what works for you!


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