My Pick of the Month from Limerick Furniture & Mattress is all made from a performance material called Nuvella! It is fade resistant, stain resistant and kid resistant (Hello RoJo!) for lifes big - or little - messes. It is excellent for high traffic areas (breakfast nook, family room, etc.). Nuvella is made with 100% recyclable fiber so it is friendly to the environment. It is easy to clean - you can even use bleach on it without worrying about a stain or fading issue. And, it is very affordable. The Nuvella series offers many options and styles - sofa, loveseat, sofa chaise, sectional, accent chairs, recliners, and ottomans - in a variety of fun, bright colors.

Nuvella has Andi written all over it! This would be perfect for my house! Between all my pets and my daughter, this would make life a whole lot easier!  If you are looking for new living furniture, but you think you need to wait until the kid's are older, this is a great choice!