Kids are getting the crap beaten out of them in school, just because of their names.  It's bad enough that Northwestern Mexico put a massive ban on names they think are stupid or offensive. And they’re kind of right.

Parents in the state of Sonora are forbidden to name their kids Scrotum, Terminator, USNAVY, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Harry Potter, James Bond, Rambo, Circumcision, Virgin, Hitler, Email, Burger King, Christmas Day, Robocop and Rolling Stone.


61 names have been collected from the state's 132 newborn registries - meaning there are already children named 'Lady Di', 'Panties' or ‘Burger King.’  Seriously, Burger King. The list will continue to grow as authorities comb the baby name registries for odd name offenders.

So what do you think?  Is the government right in trying to restrict certain names?  Do you know someone with a creative name?