ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (970 WFLA) – St. Petersburg Police said they have made an arrest in what they call an apparent road rage incident.

St. Pete Police said they arrested 48-year-old Michael James Deely who faces an aggravated battery charge.

Police said Deely was arrested last night in connection with the April 24th incident in which a 39-year-old woman was dragged and then run over by a man driving a pick-up truck. Police said it happened just before 10 p.m. that night in the downtown area.

Police said Deely claimed that he had initially been behind the woman at 2nd Ave South and 2 Street when the light turned green she didn't move because she appeared to be texting on her phone so they said Deely claimed he honked his horn to get her attention to the light. Then, police said he passed the woman and drove to the red-light at 4th Avenue South and 4th Street where she stopped behind him, got out her car, approached his open driver's window and started to yell at him. Police said he denied that as he drove off he grabbed the woman's arm and dragged her as he drove off, but instead alleged that she was the one had grabbed the door and was holding on.

Police said the woman was dragged 50 feet and then fell to the pavement and was then run over by the truck’s left rear tire.

Police said he also claimed that he was unaware that he had run over the woman after she fell from the vehicle

Detectives were able to identify Deely as a suspect based on video from a parking garage at 2nd Avenue South and 2nd Street, St. Pete Police said.

Photo Credit Pinellas County Sheriff's Office via St. Petersburg Police