The recent Oklahoma wildfires affected many but for one Farmer, coupled with the loss of his mother, they were brutal. R.A. Bentley suffered a completely destroyed ranch and the loss of his cattle. He felt lost and alone by this tragedy but one classroom set out to make him feel much better.

Karen Rodgers taught special needs students at the High Plains Technology center and after learning of the fires they wanted to do something to show their support for those who lost so much.

The students were able to raise $400 for this deserving Farmer and his family. R.A.’s son presented him with the card and check that read: “Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We hope this will ease a little of your burden, we love you. Service and careers class, High Plains Technology.”

R.A. was brought to tears by this amazing gesture and so are we!!! Watch the video above for this beautiful story.